New Website , New Work, New Studio, New Life

April 15, 2008

Now that i finally quit my corporate job in the ad world i have time to finish some works i’ve been developing and why not celebrate with a new simple website. By the 25th. i hope. Keep in touch.


Art Extras

February 19, 2008

Looking for different amateurs and actors for photographic shoots in public places.

First Event/Shoot: Looking for 10-15 Black volunteers to attend a random art gallery opening with me, look at art, drink some wine and act as if we do this all the time.

Please contact:

Thank you,


Bar in the Elevator

December 2, 2007

Bar in the elevator.


That day was hectic. I installed the motor within (the treadmill stuck inside the wall) and me and davey displayed a video installation of silent excess, back then called the “path of a butterfly sometimes deviates”. To top it off, we installed a bar in the elevator, with $100 of alcohol, two cute girls serving drinks, red lights, 1 seat, and a boombox. After 2 hours we got stuck, and had to wait for 30 minutes. To bad we were all too drunk to take photographs and proper video documentation but these 20 second are what lives of that night.

Fake Job on craigslist

December 1, 2007

Summer 05, i started fucking with people on the internet: Fake job postings, fake sex ads, fake myspace profiles, fake parties. I was familiar with the space. it had given me numerous sex partners, some romance, two lasting friendships, random parties, random experiences and a serious of odd jobs. Mischievous, a rascal, the idea of making the virtual crash on reality, to come down hard, all mixed and fucked up – this idea gave me a perverse pleasure. So my first project involved posting a fake job posting for creative producer on craigslist. I gathered all the resumes in a folder and sat one afternoon at a coffee shop reading all the cover letters and resumes. I got the idea to host fake job interviews with a fake company. I record people against their consent. fuck it. not really confident with the idea and a lack of money to rent a proper space, i throw the concept by the wayside. it felt too much like a reality tv show. So attached are the resumes of all the people who applied.